The book “Eleonora’s eyes”

Because we didn't choose her then, because we choose not to forget her is just our story!

Some of our readers found within this book a reason to improve their lives, others found the strength to learn to enjoy the great things that life offers us more, while we often ignore them or take them for granted.

If you want to know what you might find in this book, all you have to do is buy it and read it. One thing we can guarantee: every single Euro and every single cent of your purchase will help a child and family!

Introduction to the Book:

Eleonora’s eyes is a true story based on actual events. It was written to offer simple and honest proof of what happens in a family when the joy of life meets the pain of death.

The events recorded in the book forced the characters to confront life situations like the end of life and futile medical care, but these are not the main themes of the story. There’s no intention to talk about philosophical or ethical issues, it is, rather, the simple and true description of the events, without judgments or moral precepts, so that people who are facing the same difficulties can find the strength to confront such a difficult path, and those who have political responsibilities can better understand the human needs of families struck by such events. These are situations where the need of immediate support is just as important as hard scientific research work on the quest for effective treatments.

The readers, who buy and promote the book, help to support the association “Eleonora’s Dream: A Normal Life”, which receives all proceeds of book purchases and uses the money to finance all of its activities of support and improvement of the quality of life of patients, young and less young, and their families.

Preface of the Book:

“When you read it, you cry. Initially because you are overwhelmed by the harsh reality of the “limit” and of the despair for an absolute, seemingly meaningless and hopeless loss, without “time” to comprehend, or to act. It is, in fact, a story of unnatural pain, the most unfair of pains: the sickness and loss of a child, where “acceptance” becomes a mere word without meaning. Everything is true, real, marked by things small and big, and by various moments and situations which build and motivate “life”: a different life, however, from the one we wanted, thought or expected. A “special life”, a difficult one, and people are dazed by it and unable to understand its meaning. Sometimes, reading between the lines, people search for the reason “Why?”, without anger, without guilt: only wishing to understand, in order to deal with it. But, line after line, through a more careful reading, it becomes clear that the message is quite different and much more effective. You will learn little by little, without hiding the difficulties, that limits can become “possibilities”, that time can become a “moment”, that despair and fear can exists together with the “serenity” of a moment, with the “joy” of a smile received and with the “perspective” of a possible future, certainly different from the expected but with a rich story and a rich “life”………………….”

Franca Benini

Director of Veneto Regional Center of Pain Therapy and Palliative Pediatric Treatments

Department of Health of Women and Children of the University of Padua


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